Pro-trader challenge 2016


Based on our first ever pro-trader challenge Professional Forex training in Wall Street New York, AtoZForex is now proud to announce Pro-trader challenge 2016 world-tour.

Each one of the Pro-trader Challenges are organized as a weekend-long traders’ boot-camp aiming to bring world’s top Forex and Stock traders to those who wish to learn from the best. This is the weekend where your dreams come true.

Where can we expect Pro-trader challenges?

Based on initial demand from traders all over the world pro-trader challenge 2016 will take place in the following countries:

Malaysia  Kuala Lumpur, Johor and Malacca

Indonesia – Jacarta


Hungary – Budapest

Spain – Madrid

Portugal – Lisbon

South Africa (Johannesburg, Cape Town)

Mexico – Mexico city

Chile – Santiago

How to join the pro-trader challenge?

Each one of the pro-trader challenges are exclusive VIP Forex Training made available to 50 uniquely selected Forex enthusiasts. Participants are selected after an interview.

Applications are to be submitted here.

What is included?

  • 16 hours intensive training
  • 5 strategies each with 72-85% win ratio worth over $20,000 in value
  • Complete course material (including DVD recording)
  • Opportunity to learn from true equity traders managing over $30 mln

How much is the training fee?

We are trying to cover all the participation fees via sponsorship agreements. However the training fees still range between $500 – $5.000 depending on the package type.  VIP packages include limousine pick-up, accommodation, dinner with the speakers and food for the entire period.

When is the event?

Complete information for each event will be shared with selected applicants.

I don’t see my country on the list

If you do not see your country on the list, but wish us to include it in pro-trader challenge 2016 world tour please contact us and we can discuss the details. You could be our ambassador to your country.