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Capital Street FX Unrestricted Bonus 40%

Capital Street FX 40% Unrestricted Bonus, is one of the biggest deposit bonuses offers. Traders are free of any trading requirements


Capital Street FX Unrestricted Bonus of 40%, is one of the biggest deposit bonuses offers. Traders are free of any trading requirements in the form of its Unrestricted Bonus that goes up to 40% of the user’s deposited amount.

Capital Street FX Unrestricted Bonus of 40%

The bonus is fully tradeable and is usable for the holding of open positions, but also for continuous trading. Even if the user’s account balance falls below their own deposited amount after all positions have been closed. It is a very popular tool used by a large percentage of clients. Also, it is available to all new and existing clients.


Capital Street FX offers the "Unrestricted Tradable Bonus" Offer to its clients, subject to the Terms and Conditions as mentioned below. The Offer will be limited to one account per Client (regardless of the number of accounts which the client maintains with Capital Street FX).

Under the Unrestricted Tradable Bonus Offer, clients will be entitled to receive a deposit bonus upto 40% on any deposits up to a total bonus amount not exceeding $6,000 USD (or the equivalent amount in other currencies) per Client, using the below schedule. The unrestricted bonus applies only to Clients who deposit $100 USD or more into their trading accounts and the life of the granted Tradable Bonus is 3 months.

No trading account of a Client will be credited with the Tradable Bonus if that account is already subject to another promotion. Clients that have their accounts funded through their Introducing Brokers are not eligible to receive the Credit Bonus. The Tradable Bonus will be held solely for trading with Capital Street FX and cannot be withdrawn by the Client.

Profits from Trading in the account can be withdrawn without any restrictions as long as the amount withdrawal is less than 50% of the bonus credited to the account. The bonus amount itself will not be available for withdrawal. The bonus amount will be tradable though even if clients lose their actual deposit. The bonus shall be removed from the account once the total amount of withdrawals exceeds 50% of the bonus credited to the account.

A client can request for the bonus via the client portal. The request shall be processed within 1 business day. Capital Street FX reserves the right to revoke the bonus credited to the client account, and any profits generated from it, should the company come across any evidence of the abuse of the bonus including but not limited to the following behaviour

Hedging, Arbitrage, Latency Arbitrage, or any other form of technical/operational abuse of the terms and the trading conditions of this promotion or any other promotion being used by the client directly or indirectly.

In the event of the client wanting to cancel the bonus at any time, the client needs to send an email to [email protected] requesting a removal of the bonus from the account. In the event of a cancellation, any profits generated from the bonus are also forfeited.

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