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Get HotForex MasterCard

You can now get HotForex MasterCard and start trading, depositing, withdrawing and spending with an ease of mind.


You can now get HotForex MasterCard and start trading, depositing, withdrawing and spending with an ease of mind.

How to get HotForex MasterCard?

Your HotForex MasterCard is a prepaid card. It will cost you $10 to apply for your new HF MasterCard with standard delivery. However, the cost of delivery rises to 40 USD if you choose to ship your card with courier.

When you apply for your new card, AtoZForex Approved Reliable Broker, HotForex will inform you about the exact list of documents you have to provide. This requirement is based on your yearly card usage. In general, you may be asked to provide the following documents:

  • A clear, colour copy of your government issued ID/ Passport/ EU Driving license. The ID card must be valid for at least six months after the application date and must have your photo and signature.
  • A clear copy of a utility bill/ bank statement/ tax assessment with your full name and physical address (P.O. Boxes are not accepted)
  • A completed KYC Form.
  • A wire transfer to your bank account, so that the card issuer receives a SWIFT confirmation.

How long does it take to approve my application?

It all depends on how fast you provide your requested list of documents. If you have provided all the required KYC documentations, it usually takes less than 24 hours to process and approve HotForex MasterCard applications.

However, in case of the following possible issues your application approval may get delayed:

  • Incomplete information: If your name, address, ID or telephone number are missing or incomplete on the application form, the support team will contact you to complete your details.
  • Duplicate mobile phone number: You must provide a unique mobile number that has not previously been registered in the card issuer’s system. In the event that your mobile number appears to be used before, the support team will contact you for an alternative number.
    HotForex will send SMS alerts and payment authorisation notification to your mobile, so it’s very important that your number is unique and REAL.
  • Duplicate address: If your address matches the address of another client, the support team will contact you to verify your relationship, if any, with the other client before the decision to approve the duplicate address can be made.

If you have any other queries please contact the card issuer on

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