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Receive $25 Free Coupon To Start Trading

This is your chance to join the new leaders of the world in their success! So sign up now and receive $25 free coupon to start trading.


It is often easier to start something with a friendly help. Receive $25 Free Coupon To Start Trading and daily free Forex Signals in your email.

New World Order, and New Trade Opportunities. Will you be ready to trade volatile markets when US, France, Italy and Germany get new leaders in 2017?

This is your chance to join the new leaders of the world in their success! Trading on volatile markets is the most exciting time in a trader’s life, and this year promises to be a rollercoaster ride. So sign up now and receive $25 free coupon to start trading.

The Introductory Gift of $25 is available to all clients, who register for an account with the Trade.com via AtoZForex.com based on the terms and conditions.

This offer includes the following three:

  1. Receive $25 free coupon to start trading
  2. Trade with a reliable AtoZ Forex approved regulated broker
  3. Get Daily Free Forex Signals in your email

Lead Capital Markets Limited (the “Company”) may elect to grant a Benefit/Award/Gift/Bonus (hereinafter the “Award”) to Clients subject to certain terms and conditions as shall be determined by the Company, at its sole discretion.

The clients will be able to receive any of the below awards as soon as they fulfill the compliance requirements of the Company and become a verified client.
If you do not wish to receive the Benefit or cancel it you may notify Customer Support of your wish either through the support@trade.com or through your account manager.

Note that each Award is governed inter alia by separate Terms and Conditions.
a. Introductory Gift $25
The Introductory Gift is available to all clients (in WebTrader Platform) who register for an account with the Company and satisfy the relevant requirements.
A client will receive this Gift once upon successful:

a. Registration; and
b. Mobile phone number verification.

The profits generated from the gift are immediately withdrawable.

b. Allowance
The Allowance can be received by the clients for a predetermined period on a case by case discretionary basis determined by a) volume and b) customer lifetime value.
This Award is offered only to experienced traders.
The Allowance is paid into the account and is immediately withdrawable.
c. Refer A Friend
The Refer a Friend gift is receivable by existing compliant clients in cash for referring new clients.
This gift is payable in the account and is immediately withdrawable when the referred client become compliant.
The Award will be immediately revoked from customers who appear to be in abuse of the spirit of this offer. LCM reserves the right to cancel/remove an Award at any time in case of any suspected abuse of the offer. “Abuse” and “Abusive Behaviour” includes, but is not limited to, the opening of multiple accounts to claim multiple benefits, the client by himself or in collusion with others behaves in a manner that may be deemed that the sole intention is to extract the Award, trading activity patterns that suggest fraud, manipulation, cash-back arbitrage or attempts to garner risk free profits through the use of the Award.
Further, where any single term of the Award offer is breached or there is any reasonable suspicion by LCM that a customer has acted fraudulently or obtained an unfair or unintended advantage, LCM reserves the right to cancel any attempted withdrawal of profits, temporarily or permanently close or suspend the account(s) that have been deemed abusive, cancel any orders and annul all profits. Under these circumstances LCM shall not be held liable for any consequences of benefit cancellation, including but not limited to cancellation of orders and closure to positions.
LCM is the sole arbiter of these here Awards and Gifts Terms and Conditions and any other issue arising under this promotion. Exceptions to these are at the sole discretion of LCM’s management, and any decisions to this effect are final. LCM reserves the right to amend, withdraw or restrict this offer at any time without notice.
LCM will not be held liable for any losses incurred by you as a result of your trading in relation to this offer. There is a substantial risk that you may lose all of your initial investment.
Awards Disclaimer Awards are offered exclusively by management discretion. You are advised not to accept any Awards unless you understand the Awards Terms and Conditions are committed to trading over a long period.

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