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Fast and Simple trick to learn Forex trading

Traders often complicate trading, and the more complicated a strategy becomes the harder it is to make profit in Forex market. During our 1 hour private course with one of our AtoZ Forex followers we looked into the possibility of finding a Fast and Simple trick to learn Forex trading.

“Good traders would liquidate their positions when they are wrong, great traders reverse their positions when they are wrong.”

Traders success often depends on their mindset rather than their strategy, indeed often a 5 year old makes a better trade call than an experienced novice trader, due to mindset difference. So, what is it that makes a 5 year old better decision-maker than an adult? The answer is the motive!

Traders often enter into market to just make money and they believe that they can beat the market hence, they would look into every opportunity to prove themselves right. Meanwhile, a 5 year old kid would try to find the logic before making a call and only after a logical decision he/she would give it a go, at the end aren’t we all human beings thought to use our brain? Don’t we teach our children to use their logic, think before they act?!

“But older we get, we tend to forget simple principle of life, logic!”

In this 2 minute we discuss about fast and simple trick to learn Forex trading which involves just one indicator and to follow the trend rather than attempting to beat the market. As discussed during the Price Action trading training, it is often enough to use 2 simple moving averages to be able to define a working trading strategy for yourself.

For such strategy, you must make sure to use a trading journal and have your strategy defined carefully:

  • Slope of the moving averages
  • Price above or below moving averages
  • Crossover of moving averages

Once you have set up your trading KPIs based on moving averages you can also utilize True Fibonacci Waves which we teach during the Pro-trader challenge training. True Fibonacci Waves serve us to define entry, exit levels in line with our moving averages.

If you want to learn this simple strategy and much more consider to get started with Pro-trader challenge. If you don’t see your country on the list don’t worry, contact us to consider your country too.