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Risk Reward is not everything!

So called professional traders always push new traders to use 1-2, 1-3 or even larger Risk Reward ratios and always blame their losses or failures on bad risk reward rations.

For a novice trader this sounds logical and they start investing their time and hard earnt money to use as high risk reward ratio as possible.

But, the golden question here is;

Does high Risk Reward ratio make you make money on the long run?

As a part of  the “Risk Reward is not everything!” recorded webinar training AtoZ Forex Strategy Captain Yagub Rahimov shows you what you need in order to be a profitable trader! He goes through major 6 major success requirements for a retail trader and outlines expectancy or probability ratio for the traders in order to calculate and see whether or not their strategies will make them profit with their existing Risk Reward ratios.

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