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    kim frivaldo

    Hello to All,

    Good day to All.

    I hope all are doing fine.

    I am trying to find a repository of free EAs.

    Where to find free EAs? The purpose of me looking for EAs is to find out if there are already existing EAs that matches the existing methodology that I have been using right now

    Secondly, I am trying to use EA as a way to eliminate emotions. By applying EA that is exactly the same (or at least similar) as my methodology, it helps to filter the human intervention.

    I am not looking for EA to be the base of my methodology but rather an instrument to assist the methodology that i have been using.

    Thanks in advance.



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    ericalber maldonado

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    Ulrich Koenig

    Hi guys, I have >800 robots in my collection. Only 2 of them are good enough for my real accounts.

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    Elena Noble

    There are some free EAs offered by the Forex Brokers in the various platforms. You would have to look for brokers offering such kind of EAs and then trade with them. To find this, you can open up a demo account with the different brokers and test their available EAs.

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    Kim John Frivaldo
    Kim John Frivaldo

    Thanks for all the response. My friend and I started learning to code meta editor and we just completed 1 EA and we are running it with small amount.

    We run it in a small account and we let it do it’s thing without supervision. Base on back test, it generates 30% annually so we just need to do forward testing.

    The idea is to build small workers and let it help to compound the profit.

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    Stefan Marjoram

    Hi Kim,

    Pointzero has some free EA’s which you can download and use with some great indicators too.

    But! I felt exactly the same way you did only a month or so ago and for sure I have lost more money than I ever made on EA’s but mainly because there are unforeseen technical problems always with them at some stage, even small things such as windows updates on your server can blow an account if not setup correctly. I always had the problem of emotions taking over when I was trading which is why I used them but really unless you can code your self don’t even bother.

    I am slowly learning from AtoZ that actually using the Place Trade EA, only making pending orders with logical decisions for positions with realistic TP/SL targets, all from the technical analysis here or from the knowledge you will gain via the webinars etc you really don’t need EA’s blowing your accounts when you could in time do it your self.

    It is much more satisfying knowing that you made that trade and won, it’s addictive.

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    Kim, I think this is exactly what you were searching for Place Trade expert advisor

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    Agree with Yagub – this is how I ensure my EA is robust. I have developed my own EA building methodology which is as follows. Before a code an EA this is what I do. I come up with a set of Trading rules, manual back-test those rules, tweak/refine the rules, do some more back-testing with the refined rules (basically an iterative process), do forward-testing on a demo account or take small positions on a live account for a few weeks to determine how it works under real market conditions. Only after all that work which can easily come to 100 hours, do I code it up. As another check to ensure that the EA works correctly I run it on Strategy Tester, but I don’t rely on the results of Strategy Tester for the performance of the strategy and sometimes the results are remarkable,it is merely for the mechanical aspects of the EA that I check. I have tried some free EA’s for a few months on Demo accounts and even though some work initially they finally start incurring huge draw-downs. I also found these free EA’s to have bugs in them where sometimes they won’t close a position, on a real account this could be a significant loss if not a complete draw-down. I have built a Trailing Stop Manager EA for your current manual trades, it has 5 different options on how you can trail and allows you to move your position to Break-even, all parameters specified by the User. This EA can manage all your trades with the same currency pair simultaneously or manage each one separately so for instance you can have the Moving Average trail on one GBPUSD trade and a PSAR trail on another GBPUSD trade etc..It has really worked well for me thus far and especially since the number 1 rule in Trading should be Capital preservation.

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    Yagub Rahimov
    Yagub Rahimov

    Just my personal opinion, if you do not know how to code, trading with EAs is not recommended. You always need to make alterations to your EA, otherwise the performance will deteriorate by the time.

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    Gopi Modgill

    Hi Kim
    Just sharing, no need for EA’s for controlling your emotions… that will increase to your emotions when the EA does not work correctly. Then you end up still in frontof the screen ?
    The best thing you can do , which works for me, is after placing a trade …walk away from your screen for 10mins something different or some relaxation exercise , or even go out for a short walk. Listen to music!
    When you return look for new opportunities and not look at your trade let it play out, best way to control emotion.

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    J c

    Hi Kim,

    How are you ?
    Question is always what do you want to do with an EA ?
    And what are you looking for ?

    An automated trading system will not work forever and you really need to be carefull with those.

    And it will be best to handle the emotions you have by writing down your own rules and stick to those

    Best regards,

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