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    German Elections 2017

    Germans will be electing a new government this Sunday – how would that affect Europe?
    Recently global news have been almost monopolized by three topics: the tensions between the United States and North Korea, natural disasters striking one after another, and the recent Federal Reserve meeting and talks of monetary policy changes around the world. One could hardly tell that there is something else very important going on this week: parliamentary elections in Germany.
    Why aren’t media talking about the German elections? After all, the elections in France this spring, as well as the British preliminary elections received a lot of news coverage when they were happening. The most likely explanation is that the results of the German elections are not likely to be very surprising. The current Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel still enjoys a stable level of support and is a respected global leader, so most polls indicate that her party would easily win these elections. However, it still is worth it to take a look at German politics, because anything that changes there has the potential to affect the European Union and European markets greatly.
    While it is true that Merkel will probably win herself a fourth mandate as chancellor, it is important to note that more parties are expected to make the cut this time. Likely we would see six parties enter the Bundestag. Six voices pulling in different directions is bound to make things more difficult and even slow down Germany, hindering its ability to continue to act as a global political leader.
    While immigration seems to be on everybody’s mind and is central to debates between candidates, the number of asylum seekers has dramatically dropped in 2017 compared to previous years. There are other issues on the table such as labour, pensions, education, and more – and they can all affect the way Germany’s economy works – and the way Germany participates in the European Union.
    One of the most important things to watch out for in these elections is how the Alternative fuer Deutschland party would do. The far-right political party, often labeled as modern-day nazis, is very conservative and outspoken about its strong stance on immigration: they feel that trying to harbor Muslim refugees and integrate them into European society is a lost cause and oppose the current lax immigration policy of Germany that is championed by Merkel. So far Germany has been the leader in the refugee crisis, encouraging countries to accept and help refugees. This issue is close to the hearts of Germans, as they found themselves in a similar position during World War II – they know what it is like to be a refugee, and they also know what it feels like to be mistaken for a terrorist (or a nazi), just because of your origin. That is why Germany has always maintained that it would extend a helping hand to those in need. However, as the number of terrorist attacks around Europe increases, many people begin to fear for their safety, and other countries, such as France, have called for stricter immigration policies in order to increase safety. This brings us back to the AfD: nazis have not been in power in Germany since World War II, but over the past few years they seem to have gathered a lot of support. It is expected that they may reap as much as 10% of the vote in these elections, securing them a comfortable section of the German Parliament. This means that they would have a say in German politics, and when dissenting views clash in parliament, the stability of a country suffers, as does its ability to act (just look at how poorly the UK is handling Brexit, simply due to a lack of majority in parliament).
    Overall, change is coming to Germany, even if Merkel is re-elected. And with that, change will invariably come to the eurozone as well.

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    GBP/EUR Technical analysis

    The pair is moving within a downward trend.
    At this moment the pair is trading in a down trend, slowing down near its resistance levels. We can also note that against the backdrop of strong data, the pair can quickly overcome the nearby resistance levels, as it happened after the press conference of the Bank of England, against which the pound sharply increased its quotes.
    Today at 4.30 pm (GMT +3), ECB President Mario Draghi is expected to speak at a press conference. It is necessary to closely monitor the investor sentiment, as many feel that the euro will be pressured and our pair will continue the downward movement.
    Our advice for you is to set medium goals and small stop-loss orders.
    Support and resistance levels:

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    CAD / JPY technical analysis
    At the moment, on the chart of H4, we see the return of prices in the framework of the rising channel. Drawn for 28 days.
    Given the recently published positive statistics for Canada, we can assume that our upward movement will continue and at the moment we are seeing a correction and revision of the positions by bulls that decided to fix the profit.
    On the daily chart, we have not yet seen the figures of absorption and the reversal pattern. But on the chart H4 appeared “shooting star”, which can signal us about a possible correction. And the ability to draw a “head and shoulders” figure, with a shoulder level in the area of ​​88.90.
    But looking at the overall schedule and considering the overall movement, the recommendation is to look for points to enter the long position at support levels.
    Support and resistance levels

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    Super Forex

    GBP/JPY Technical Analysis before BoJ Policy Rate

    The GBP/JPY rally will continue after retesting the broken level.
    The GBP/JPY rally hasn’t finished yet. The pair recorded its highest prices in more than 14 months after the Brexit vote on June 23 last year. The pair had a strong resistance area at 147.93, which it tried to break three times before and failed in December, May and last July, but this month is different because the pair broke it up last Friday.
    The pair is now trading at 150.65, above the support area and the trend line. Last month the pair broke the trend line down but it found the support area which we mentioned before and failed to break it, then we noticed rising bottoms before coming back to trade above the line. Yesterday the pair moved up and down and then closed its candle a little bit below the opening price, so prices could visit the broken area 147.95-148.25 again to retest it and then will go up.
    The Next Few Days
    The next few days we won’t think about selling the GBP/JPY pair, only buy it. The prices are now in the middle between support and resistance areas, so we can take a buy order now with a small lot and take another buy order when it retests the broken area around 148.00 or the trend line or the moving average 50, keeping our targets at 152.80.
    This week the markets don’t offer much hot news from the UK, except for the retail sales data tomorrow. We also have something important on Thursday this week – the Bank of Japan’s decision about the policy rate, which is expected no change at -0.10%.

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    GBP/CAD Technical Outlook after the Channel Breaking Out

    The GBP/CAD is ahead of 1.6611 and 1.6850 after breaking the channel.
    In our recent report about the GBP/CAD currency pair we recommended selling the pair and the prices already hit our first target at 1.5927 to make a profit of +220 pips, then the pair returned back to break the price channel and the resistance level last Thursday.
    The price channel which we were trading inside was strong because it has 5 tops and 4 bottoms, so when the prices broke upwards from it, the pair rose more on Friday to trade now around 1.6525. The prices recorded the highest level on Friday at 1.6574, close to the resistance level at 1.6611. We expect the price to reach the resistance and make new highs but we have to be careful in case the pair makes a price action pattern on the resistance area. The MACD indicator gave us the buy signal last week.
    The Next Few Days
    After we saw the prices break up the price channel we should only think of buy orders, as there are no sell opportunities anymore in these levels. We can take a buy position now at the current level 1.6523 and keep our first target at 50% Fibonacci at 1.6850, and the second one at 1.7050. We can take another buy order if the pair declined to the moving average 50 on the daily chart.
    Bank of England governor Carney will speak today at the Central Banking Lecture hosted by the International Monetary Fund in Washington, DC and we have the retail sales from the UK on Wednesday, in addition to the CPI and retail sales from Canada on Friday, so we have to be careful due to the news this week.

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    A new wave of tension

    North Korea conducted a nuclear test again
    This morning on September 15, Japan stated that North Korea once again conducted nuclear tests and the missile flew over the northeastern part of the country. At the same time, South Korea also conducted military exercises, firing a rocket at sea. Earlier, after the new sanctions imposed by the UN on North Korea, their leader Kim Jong-un promised to flood Japan and turn the US into “ash and darkness” and accelerated the testing of nuclear weapons.
    US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson exerts pressure on China to preserve the oil embargo, which is quite a powerful tool of pressure. However, China can limit trade relations on an official level, but can not deter smugglers, which hamper the pressure on the Kim Jong-un regime.
    This news caused a lively sale of assets and sent investors to search for a quiet harbor.
    This time, the markets reacted more calmly to this news and volatility weakened much faster than the previous week.
    The dollar again continues the upward movement after corrective movement relative to the Yen.
    The pound is traded at the level of annual highs against the dollar and may soon begin the corrective movement, after yesterday’s sharp jump. Talks about possible increase in the interest rate in the coming months for a decade sounded on the meeting of the Committee on Monetary Policy. Such data was regarded positively by traders, which gave a sharp push to the British currency. And breaking through the strong resistance levels has reached new annual highs. On Friday we are expecting a fixation of profits and that the price will depart from the current values.

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    USD / CHF technical analysis

    At the moment, the pair is trading in the 0.9450 – 0.9775 corridor located at Fibo levels of 0.00 and 38.2. respectively.
    Now we see that the pair found a resistance level from above and went from it back to the values of 0.9550 and 09450.
    Despite the decision on the interest rate of the Swiss bank, our pair is trading without much acceleration and, once again testing the resistance level from above, returned to the corridor.
    We can observe a possible acceleration of this instrument after the release of data on the consumer price index in the US at 15.30 (GMT +3). So at the moment, based on our technical levels, we can take a position after the release of news that could help strengthen the dollar. Now the price is testing the resistance level of 0.9655 and is likely to seek a level of 0.9775.
    The RSI indicator has not yet reached the oversold level and indicates an upward movement to us.
    Support and resistance levels: 0.9450 0.9550 0.9655 0.9775

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    A New Hope for the Pound

    The United Kingdom’s currency seems to have finally slowed its descent – could it be ready to start recovering?

    The future of the British currency became quite uncertain the weeks leading up to the Brexit vote last June, then slumped after the results came through. Now it seems that for the first time in 2017 investors are changing their views on the pound for the better. However, this pertains to the pound vs the dollar; where the euro is concerned, the situation is different.

    This discrepancy could be easily explained. For one thing, investors expected a lot more from the US economy, mostly riding on Donald Trump’s promised goals as president, especially his vow to bring economic growth up to 3%. This is easier said than done, as we’ve seen. Lukewarm reports from the United States, as well as Trump’s general struggle to enact any kind of policy successfully have made investors lower their expectations. We’ve even seen the dollar drop against all major currencies in recent weeks.

    The situation is pretty much the opposite with the eurozone. The European Central Bank is in the midst of a massive stimulus program to encourage healthy inflation and spending. Even though the expectation was to see it continue a bit longer, the program is already paying off and surprisingly good economic data from all around Europe has prompted the ECB to admit they may start phasing out the program before the year’s end and turn to a more hawkish policy on the euro. In addition, fears of further political unrest in the EU have been calmed by Macron’s victory in the French presidential elections in April. We still have to see what would happen in the German general elections this fall, but things seem promising for Angela Merkel. It was previously feared she might not gather enough support but after a successful equal marriage rights vote last week it seems likely that she would stay in power.

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    We forecast new growth for the USD/JPY and good buy opportunities.

    Today we direct our attention to the USD/JPY currency pair. Yesterday the USD/JPY showed significant progress and was quite active during the day, but it eventually failed to overcome the 113.60 level and retracted. Still, we believe the pair would likely continue to test its resistances and make space for further upward movement, as long as the pair keeps trading above the level of 113.

    To predict future highs, we can reliably use the guidance of the nearby resistance levels for the USD/JPY – we have resistances at 113.19, 113.41, and 113.63. We believe that overcoming these resistance levels is the most likely course for the pair as it stands now.

    Still, it’s good to be prepared for the alternative scenario as well. On the downside, we have several nearby support levels such as 112.75, 112.50, and 112. If the first support is breached, likely we’d see the pair play around the other two supports as well.

    At this point the movements of the USD/JPY largely depend on trader sentiment and market behavior. The level of 114 stands before us as a psychological barrier, and if the pair is pushed beyond it, we can see it grow further up to 115 even.

    As of the moment of this article’s publication the USD/JPY is trading around the first level of resistance at 113.19. Most technical indicators agree that the best course of action is a strong buy stance.

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    USD/SEK: Review & Forecast

    Riksbank supported the SEK while the USD was losing positions amid political tensions and investors’ worries about the rate change by the FED.

    The rates continue in the frames of a downward trend, although in the period from May 19 until June 27 the trend changed to a flat one. It seemed that the downward trend had been finally completed at the beginning of July. However, market volatility has suddenly increased, and the downward trend has been restored.
    This week there were no significant factors that would affect the USD/SEK rates. The main factor that influence the value of the USD in recent weeks remains the political tension in the United States and investors’ worries about the future for the FED rate hikes due to weak economic data in the United States. At the same time, Federal Reserve officials maintain the stance that the rates should be raised more before the end of 2017. Nevertheless, investors suppose that the Federal Reserve may delay increasing the interest rate if the situation in the U.S. economy changes in a positive way and if political tensions in the US grow. Based on this, the dollar lost positions against most currencies while investors prefer safe-haven instruments such as JPY and Gold.

    Read more here:

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    EUR/USD Daily Analysis & Chart

    A surprisingly stable euro is dominating the pair – we expect further bullishness.

    Today we’d look into the EUR/USD trading instrument. The pair has had an interesting few months – 2017 began with widespread speculation that between the weakening euro and the strengthening dollar we’d meet in the middle and see perfect parity before the year’s end. However, this hasn’t been the case and lately we’ve seen the opposite, though in milder terms – a slight strengthening of the euro versus a somewhat weaker dollar.

    Even though the euro lost some of its momentum over the weekend, our outlook for it remains positive. We might see some gains today as the markets in the United States are on a break for the Independence Day celebrations.

    The euro is very close to the psychological level of 1.14. We have been getting data about the European economy that’s been consistently positive, including the most recent PMI report.

    Read more:

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    The Euro on the Rise

    The European currency seems to be on the rise, enjoying a positive economic outlook.
    Here is something we didn’t think we’d be saying so soon: the euro is having a good time.
    The currency of the European Union went through some serious hardship over the past decade – it suffered immensely in the global recession of 2008, the debt crisis in some EU countries such as Greece and Portugal, which eventually led to further internal conflicts and more trouble for Europe’s unity as the United Kingdom announced its intention to leave and the fear of losing more members spread as Italy and France held elections recently.
    However, this bleak phase for the euro seems to be approaching an end. Despite small daily fluctuations, which occur naturally when there’s global activity on the financial markets, the euro was able to climb up and is currently in its strongest levels since 2011, according to Reuters.
    Part of the reason why this is a little surprising is the fact that the European Central Bank, the EU’s organ for monetary policy, has been implementing a stimulus program to boost the European economy by encouraging inflation, something that logically decreases the value of the euro versus other major currencies. It has already been two years since the program began and investors as well as the ECB itself initially expected to continue with this approach for a few years. Nevertheless, recent data from the European Union shows the economy is doing quite well, which prompted ECB President Mario Draghi to show willingness to change the course of the current policy as early as September this year.
    Read more: news Euro

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    Profi STP account

    SuperForex has launched a special type of account for those who really want to tap into the full potential of Forex. This type of account is well-known to professional traders as an STP-account.
    The main advantage of this account type is that your trading operations go directly to a liquidity provider by using an FX Bridge that allows you to get more comfortable and better conditions for trading.

    Important conditions and advantages of the Profi-STP account:
    Minimum deposit: $20 000 (or its equivalent in EUR)
    Leverage from 1:1 to 1:200
    All trading instruments available
    Minimum trading lot: 0.2, with a step 0.1 lot
    Stop out/margin call: 20%/50%
    Variable spreads, from 20% on basic pairs
    Unlimited trading using Expert Advisors

    Please note that this account is not compatible with our Bonus program, i.e. you cannot apply for bonuses with this kind of account.

    Read here: Account

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    GBP/NZD Technical Outlook after the Financial Stability Report

    Minutes ago we listened to BOE governor Mark Carney’s speech about the financial stability in the United Kingdom. He said that the financial stability associated with the outcomes or the results of Brexit and the consumer credit has far outpaced household income over last year, and those comments led the pound currency to decline with 20-30 pips against all major currencies and to rise back again.

    Today we would discuss the GBP/NZD pair which has lost more than 1400 pips since May 22 after breaking the small channel at the top. In our last report we recommended selling the pair at 1.7960 and it achieved our targets at 1.7932 and 1.7465 for more than 490 pips.

    The pair is trading now at 1.7430, close to the uptrend line which has 4 bottoms. We are waiting for another retest to buy the pair. The Stochastic indicator lines are crossed together at the level 35.

    The Next Few Days

    From this analysis of the daily chart we have to wait for a bullish candle at these levels or a little lower on the daily or H4 chart in order to buy the pair. We should keep our first target at 1.7765 and the second one at 1.8150, but if the prices break the trend line and settle down we have to sell the pair to the bottom 1.6830.

    This week is overwhelmed with hot events like Carney’s speech tomorrow and the current account on Friday from the UK. Read more: trading

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    Super Forex

    We wanted to let you know that we have updated our official website. If you head over there right now, you would find it has a slicker design, quick links to key services that are easier to locate, and the best part is that everything is responsive, so it should look and work great even on your mobile devices. The new appearance of the website is quite user-friendly and would permit even our mobile users to enjoy our services to the fullest.

    Do not worry – we have not removed anything essential. Most menus are still organized in the way SuperForex customers are used to and love. You can still find information on all of our programs and offers without any difficulties.

    An important addition to our new website is the SuperForex Social Responsibility page. If you are interested in the charities that SuperForex is involved with, you can learn all about are events and the ways in which you can help us support some of the world’s most disadvantaged communities. responsibility

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    AUD/CAD: review and forecast
    The rates of the AUD/CAD continues in the frames of the upward trend. The canadian dollar remains under the pressure of low oil prices. Volatility for this currency pair remains very high. So, in early may, disappointing statistics about economy of Australia and China, have led to significant falling of the AUD value. During 1 day it has been lost 2 CAD cents. It was influence of the data about the trade balance of Australia. Investors expected the growth of the surplus to 3.4 billion while it was just 3.1 billion; also disappointed the value of the business activity index in the services sector in China.
    By the end of next week, the volatility in the market can be decreased. The market don’t expect any important data until next Friday. Then, the market will receive information about retail sales and consumer prices in Canada, for April. A day earlier, also expect information on employment in Australia in April. It should also be noted that this month will be the summit of the OPEC and volatility will be gradually increasing together with the oil prices. So it can strengthen the CAD because it is expected that on the upcoming summit countries-exporters will extend the agreement about Reduction of the oil extraction. Therefore, oil prices will rise for some time, but countries which didn’t join the agreement, mainly the US, unlikely will let oil to rise significantly in price for a long period because if prices increase the USA increasing the volume of oil production, adversely affecting the market.
    Oscillators are neutral at the moment, but considering perspectives of oil prices growth in the near future, and consequently the strengthening of the Canadian dollar, the optimal solution now is to open the deals to SELL upon medium term trading. Upon the short-term trading, it is also possible to open the deals on the trend.

    Read more analytic reviews at

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    Super Forex

    NZD/USD: fundamental review and forecast

    Situation for the NZD has not changed yet. the rates continue to be in the frames of the downward trend, though it lost its intensity. The dollar continues to strengthen against the NZD, although we can not say that the New Zealand economy is in a bad state. Despite the rising inflation, the country’s economy gradually develops and demonstrates growth. However, it does not allow the New Zealand currency to hold against the strong U.S. dollar.

    Last week, the dollar strengthened amid the positive statistics about unemployment and the results of the FED meeting, which decided to leave interest rate unchanged, but considering sure growth of the US economy, reducing in unemployment, they plan to do it in June if nothing changes. Therefore, the probability of a rate hike is rated as very high.

    At the moment, the rates of the NZD/USD stabilized in the range of 0.688 – 0,694 USD. We can also say that these levels are also good entry points to the market. Until the next day, volatility will be low because investors are waiting for the meeting of the Federal Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) and their decision to change the rate. Now it’s 1.75%. Investors don’t expect for the rate changes just because the RBNZ in March, said that they don’t not plan to change the rate until the 2019. Though continued weakening of the NZD can make them to change their decision because the rate increase would strengthen the NZD.

    Oscillators are neutral for the moment and in this situation, the best solution is to open the deals on the trend. We can say that also, considering that there’re no any real reasons for the trend change and strengthening of the NZD in the near future. Therefore, the deals to SELL can be the most effective now, upon the short and medium-term trading.


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    CAD/JPY: fundamental review and forecast

    While the Euro has strengthened sharply against the Japanese yen, showing a giant price hike from 116.8 JPY up to 121 JPY based on results of the 1st round of elections in France, while the yen is losing positions against most currencies because it is under the pressure, mainly due to the tense situation on the Korean Peninsula, the canadian dollar failed to take the initiative and the rates CAD/JPY continues in the frames of downward trend. Though it’s strengthened a bit yesterday.
    At the moment, the Canadian dollar is under the pressure of many factors, firstly because of the falling in oil prices. The price for black gold fell again, and fell below the psychological point in $ 50. Forecasts here aren’t good for the CAD because the United States continues to increase oil production, and President D. Trump supporting it and trying to make conditions for energy companies easier for developing oil extraction on the continental territory in the U.S. and on the shelf. Also, the canadian dollar decreasing in value because D. Trump continues to demand revision of trade relations with its neighbors and contradictions between Canada and the United States becomes more and more serious.
    This week is full of important events, and the market will get a lot of macroeconomic statistics, which will affect the rates of CAD/JPY. Today, the market awaits important information about the volume of retail sales in Canada, conference of the President of the United States. Also, tomorrow we’ll get the Report of the Bank of Japan about perspectives for Japanese economy, and on Friday we expect data about Canada’s GDP, consumer price indices and volume of production in Japan. Therefore, this week, volatility may increase. Probably we can expect for further strengthening of JPY in the frames of current downtrend. The oscillators Stochastics and MACD unanimously indicate the good moment to open the deals to SELL, after the price correction, which occurred yesterday.

    Read more reviews at


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    NZD/USD: Short Review & Analysis
    Today we would look at the development of the exchange rate between the New Zealand and the American dollars. Previously the pair moved within the 0.6860-6990 frame, but we saw the pair take a bullish turn as it broke above 0.7000 and it even reached the important level of 0.7100. The bullish influence continued in full heat and new heights were reached at the levels of 0.7250-0.7350, which serves as the pair’s sell zone.
    The NZD/USD then finally returned to a bearish movement and dropped to 0.6960. This proved to be a weak support, as the pair tends to return to the border of the buy zone 0.6860, where we started. After touching this level the pair began climbing back up from 0.6960.
    As the pair seems to be oscillating between these levels, we have opportunities to both buy and sell it at important intervals. Watch out for the pair dropping and also for it rising to 0.7100. This still provides a lot of resistance and the NZD/USD has struggled to overcome it. If it does success, it will likely go up to 0.7250.
    At the moment of the publication of this article the pair has retreated to 0.6956 and most indicators agree that this is a strong sell.

    Read more reviews at

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    Super Forex

    NZD/JPY: short market review and forecast

    The NZD/JPY rates is in the frames of rapid downward trend. However, the new Zealand dollar had stopped falling and consolidated in the range 76,0 – 76,76 JPY. Yesterday it’s been received important statistics related with 2 currencies. Economic statistics from New Zealand, positively impacted the NZD. The consumer price index grew in 2.2% year on year, exceeding forecasts. It is also the highest annual growth rate since 2011. For the 1st quarter of the year the index grew in 1%, slightly exceeding forecasted 0.8% level. At the moment, that was enough to stabilize the exchange rate of the NZD. In a week, the market expects new data about trade balance of New Zealand that may affect the value of the NZD.
    On the other hand, the trade balance of Japan, already known, and taking into account seasonal fluctuations, amounted to only 0.17 T, although it was expected that this indicator will be 3 times more, and will be at 0.61. That’s disappointed investors, although overall the economy of Japan is at good level. Volume of exports and imports grew, and exceeded predicted forecasted values. This also becomes the main growth factor of the Japanese economy in the future. Investors expect growth by 1% in 2017.
    At this moment, the oscillators MACD, Stochastics, the RSI are neutral. It should be noted that since April 10, we can see formation of the flat trend, thought at the moment, it is early to say about ending of the downtrend. There’re no enough preconditions for that. You should pay attention to the points of entry 76.75 and 76.2 JPY. At the moment, upon medium-term trading, it is recommended to open the short deals on the trend.


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    The EUR/JPY Review & Forecasting Uptrend

    Since March 13 the EURJPY currency pair has changed the direction and became strongly down and it declined since this day till yesterday around 790 pips, so large number or big loss for the pair, but after yesterday close I think the pair finished the bleeding journey and will start rising now, so if you want to make money read all this report till the end.
    Firstly, we have so strong support area and the prices gave us the buy signal let’s take a look at the chart:

    1. The rising wave after the Brexit on June 24 till the top on Dec 15, the pair has reached to 61.8%, and it’s the golden correction percentage and expected the pair will rise from there.
    the smaller rising wave from Feb 27 till March 13, the pair has reached to 161.8, the golden extension percentage.

    2. The rising trend line from July 6 which the prices touched it 4 times before and rose, the prices have touched again this week and expected to rise again.

    3. On the daily chart, yesterday candle is bullish engulfing candle which refers to the uptrend.

    The Next Few Days

    From this analysis on daily we can buy the pair now at 115.95 and keep our first target at 118.20 and the second one at 120.10 especially after we saw the RSI indicator give buy signal and rose to 37 level.
    This week we don’t have any hot news from the European Union or even from Japan but be careful from any unusual news can change the market direction.


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    AUD/CAD: review and forecast
    The upward trend of the AUDCAD chart, which steadily continued amid decreasing of oil prices and other factors, is in the risk to be completed. Rising of oil prices and strengthening the USD allowed the canadian currency to strengthened amid disappointing statistics on the economy of Australia. The support line has been broken and greatly displaced down. So, now we can see that the downtrend is formed, though it’s early to talk that current upward trend is over. It can be restored next week. Australian currency may take again the initiative, considering that in the near future, the market is not expected any important data on the canadian economy.
    At the same time, next week, we expect important information from China and New Zealand, which may impact the value of the Australian currency, as Australia is a leading trade partner of these two countries. Yesterday, the AUD has increased significantly during 1 day – with 0,997 – up to 1,008 CAD thanks to latest information about economy of China, where in March, exports grew 16.4% year-on-year, and imports by 20%. In particular, imports from Australia grew by 74.8%. Also, positively impacted the strengthening of the Australian dollar, strong statistics on a labour market – recent report of the Australian Bureau of statistics show “the employment change” indicator was 60.9 K, against predicted 3 times less 20.
    Today, we can’t expect some volatility on the market because of Easter’s holiday in Australia and Canada. So the the rates of the AUD/CAD probably will come to consolidation phase, but in Monday trading will be more active and probability of a price correction will increase. Oscillators give mixed signals, but in the current situation, low volatility in the market, we can pay attention to the entry points 1,0072 and 1,0085. At the moment, upon medium-term trading, we’d recommend to open the deals to SELL, trusting the Stochastics oscillator.


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    Super Forex

    [b]The GBPCAD in Crossroads & H4 Chart[/b]

    When you take a look at daily chart for the GBPCAD currency pair, you will see that we have the last 3 candles are bearish candles which led the pair to 1.6513 the lowest level in two weeks after it recorded the highest 1.6798 in this month and for minutes ago the CPI released from the UK and came as the previous one at 2.3% and better than the forecasting figure at 2.2%, after this news the GBPCAD rose more than 55 pips to trade now around 1.6560.


    The pair is trading inside a wedge since last November and I think it’s the time for the breaking, when we look at the pair on smaller time frame like H4 we see the pair touched the lowest level and we can’t predict now it will break it or will back to rise again, the Stochastic indicator is in oversold levels it means we can buy the pair from here.

    [b]The Next Few Days[/b]

    From this analysis on daily and h4 chart we have to wait for a bullish candle on H4 chart and buy the pair and place our take profit at 1.6650 at the resistance level and around the SMA and the next target at 1.6760, but if the pair didn’t form a bullish candle and broke the wedge down we can sell it and keep our target at 1.6300.
    We have to be careful in the upcoming days regarding hot news like the overnight rate and monetary policy from Canada in addition to BOC press conference.


  • #34732

    Super Forex

    USD/SEK – review and short term forecast.

    The rates of the USD/SEK is in the frames of upward trend. Dollar continues also to strengthen against the Krone, this week. It should be noted about unusually high volatility for this currency pair. Positively impacted the dollar a strong statistics from the USA this week. Employment in the agricultural sector increased to 263К against forecasted 187К. The number of applications for unemployment allowance dropped significantly to 234 thousand. It’s been predicted reductions the number of applications from 258 to 250 thousands. In addition, received information about the reduction of the trade deficit: from – 44,8 – up-to -43,6. Also, it has been noticed the FED representatives, who said that current situation in the US economy is not only allows to increase the interest rate, but need it in the near future.
    As for the Sweden, the market has not received new information that could affect the value of the Swedish Krona. At the moment there are only data for February. The most significant of them are increased volume of orders in industry by 12% and the growth of industrial production at 4.1% in February, year-on-year. Trade balance has been fixed at almost zero value, and in the period December 2016 – February 2017 amounted -0.6 billion SEK.
    At this moment the most optimal can be the deals on the trend, which in the medium term can generate some profit. We can expect achieving the level 9.05. Oscillator MACD also show potential to growth. Though probability of a price correction remains high, but opening the short deals, seems less promising at the moment.

  • #34645

    Super Forex

    Tesla CFDs Review & Forecast
    Most traders prefer to trade with currencies and don’t pay attention to the possibility to earn on the shares of leading companies. If you trade with currencies, you need to analyse many factors, which often contradict each other. All this requires much of your attention, knowledge and skills as a trader. Even if you are a trader with years of experience, the risk of losses is high. In contrast, trading with contracts of difference (CFDs) is much simpler.

    We offer you to start trading with CFDs now in order not to lose an opportunity to get profit. We would like to direct your attention to the shares of TESLA. This young company is growing rapidly and has enormous potential. Now everything becomes predictable as never. Volatility becomes high and it is possible to make good money. The company is rapidly increasing its production of electric cars, becoming more and more profitable. In its 14 years of operations, TESLA is near in value to the cost of Ford Motor, which is more than 110 years old.

    We can confidently expect that in the future this company will become the world leader of the automotive industry amid the comprehensive transition to electric cars and the desire to save the environment. Nowadays, even countries like China are beginning to use electric cars. All car manufacturers are increasing the volumes of electric cars production; the demand for electric cars is rapidly growing. Everybody understands that electric cars are the future of the automotive industry. This will certainly increase the value of TESLA’s shares – in fact, it is increasing rapidly right now.

    On the chart of the #TSLA, you can see an incredibly rapid upward trend. Nowadays you won’t see anything like that. We can say for sure that this trend will continue in the future. We are waiting for further rapid growth, giant hikes and price corrections, which you can use to earn a profit with any trading strategy, both long- and short-term.

    Thousands of traders have already noticed the potential of TESLA and trade on it actively. Now you can join them and trade profitably with #TSLA today.

    We wish you luck in your trades!

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  • #34513

    Super Forex

    Technical Outlook for USDJPY & Daily Chart

    Since the Federal Reserve increase the interest rate last month and the US Dollar is in constant decline against the Japanese Yen from the highest level in the last two months at 115.49 to trade now at 110.40 it means more than 500 pips loss.

    The USDJPY currency pair is trading now in series of corrective waves in a price channel which will lead the prices to make a correction movement to 50% and 61.8% Fibonacci, but we have a key support level at last month’s lowest prices that in case the pair broke it down we can take sell positions to make profits.

    The MACD indicator is still giving us a sell signal and the bars are below the 0 value, the RSI didn’t give us the oversold sign yet, it means the pair will lose more pips.

    The Next Few Days

    From this analysis we can sell the pair now at 110.45 with small lot size and increase it once the pair broke the 110.15 level and keep our first target at 50% Fibo at 108.85 and the second one at 106.50 which reflect the 61.8% Fibo that in case the pair still trading below 111.70, if it broke 111.70 up we can buy it till 113.40.

    We have to be careful in the upcoming hot news like the ISM nonmanufacturing PMI and the FOMC Meeting next Wednesday and the Non-Farm and jobs report on Friday

  • #34264

    Super Forex

    EUR/AUD: short review and forecast

    The rates of EUR/AUD are in the frames of new upward trend, which has formed a month ago. The Euro strengthened against the U.S. dollar and many other currencies, including the Australian dollar (AUD). During the last few weeks we have not received any important information that would affect the Australian currency. The data that were on the market, were not enough. The iron ore prices are stable, the price of gold rising, but the price of copper is under the pressure due to increased volume of extraction. Positive statistics from Japan, the statements from China about plans to develop trade and economic relations with Australia, couldn’t impact and strengthen the Australian dollar against the Euro. Thus, we can expect that the uptrend will continue in the near future.
    the Euro is on the rise this days. It’s strengthened against the USD, as D. Trump’s reforms face with huge resistance in the U.S. Congress and successfully block all possible ways. In addition, the Eurozone, last week received a positive statistic that shows stability and growth in economy of the leading EU countries. The Eurozone PMI in March, achieved the record level for 6 years, reaching 56.7 pips. Record PMI also in Germany and France, separately. All this inspired investors, and EUR now seems more stable amid the USD, despite the official start of Brexit.
    Oscillators indicate different signals. but in this situation, it is better to open the deals by the upward trend as Stochastics oscillator also confirmed and indicated good moment to open the deals to BUY.

  • #34203

    Super Forex

    EURJPY Technical Outlook & no more Bears in the Market

    Our recent report about EURJPY on March 14, we recommend you selling the pair around 122.50 when it was trading nearly to the downside trend line and we saw the pair has declined more than 300 pips and achieved our targets so today we’ll have a look the same pair again because it maybe change the future trend.

    The pair is trading now at 120.10 which is strong support area because it has a trend line which has started on October 21, and it has too a correction percentage 61.8% Fibonacci from the rising wave which started from 118.20 to 122.85 so, we predict to move up a little in this tight area, but the pair is still trading below the SMA50 which is resistance moving level, the MACD is still in sell signal but the Stochastic indicator made accumulation movement and gave us a buy signal which is considered an early signal for us.

    The Next Few Days

    From this analysis, we can close our sell positions with +320 pips and take a buy order after the pair touched the rising trend line and keep our first target at 120.80 and the second one at the downside trend line at 122.15 that in case the pair still trading above 119.30

    This week the market doesn’t have hot news from the EU or Japan so the market will be in poor volatility in the next trading days.

  • #33987

    Super Forex

    Technical analysis of the currency pair EUR/USD on 23.03.2017. The daily chart
    [b]General analysis
    [/b]At the end of last week currency pair EUR/USD has broken through the resistance level at 1.07800.
    Over the last month, this level was a significant barrier of the price growth. Meanwhile the resistance 1.07800was an upper bound of the price channel 1.07800-1.05500. After breaking through the level the price has fixed above the level and now it shows so called “back testing”.
    According to the rules of technical analysis the possible price movement due to the penetration of the resistance line is measured by channel height. So we can see the dollar at 1.08500 in the near future.
    Stochastic indicator shows us a clear Buy but the signal line is already included in the overbought zone.
    [b]Next few days
    [/b]We recommend to open long positions on EUR/USD after the start of the upward movement from support at 1.07800. The point of entry must be sought at hour and half hour timeframes. You can open a buy position after formation of “doji” near the support or other reversal figures.
    We recommend to set up S / L order at 1.07500.

  • #33942

    Super Forex

    NZD/JPY: short market review and forecast

    After the brief flat trend, the rates of the NZD/USD has returned to the downward trend. The Japanese yen continues to strengthen, while the New Zealand dollar is losing positions against all currencies.
    In particular, JPY has got support thanks the published data about the increased volume of exports, which in February rose by 11.3%, while the import grew only by 1.2%. Trade balance, adjusted for seasonal fluctuations, was 0,68. These indicators exceeded the forecasts and show good potential for the Japanese economy.
    For the NZD we haven’t received any data which could impact the rates and change the situation for NZD. Last week, data about GDP only disappointed investors more because the growth was only 0.4%, against expected growth 0.7%. But today we expect important data from the RNBZ and their decision about the interest rate. It is expected that interest rate won’t be changed and left at 1.75%. Also, on Friday will be information about the volume of exports and imports in New Zealand. Investors are positive in these indicators, in particular, expect a positive trade balance for the first time since June 2016.
    Considering the forecasts for the NZD, it is possible to assume that in the evening we expect a price correction as a minimum. The New Zealand dollar will stop falling, and the quotes will go to the resistance line. Oscillators MACD and Stochastics unanimously confirm that now the best moment to open the deals to BUY, upon short-term trading.

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  • #33582

    Super Forex

    AUD/CAD: fundamental review and forecast

    The rates of the AUD/CAD continue in the frames of uptrend which has been formed in the beginning of the year. The canadian dollar is under the pressure of the record low oil prices this year. The price of oil fell for the week from 54 to 48 dollars per barrel for CL/WTI, contrary the forecasts for further stabilization of the market amid reduction of oil production. OPEC continues to say that the countries who joined the Agreement on the reduction of oil abide it in 90%. However, this somehow allows Saudi Arabia to increase oil production. Signals about increasing of oil production coming to the market regularly, and investors react it. In any case, the USA not even going to reduce oil extraction: the number of drilling rigs increases, and hence the volume of oil production will only be increasing. In such conditions, whatever OPEC do, they will not be able to stabilize oil prices.
    Positive employment data in Canada, in particular, the increasing of the number of jobs at 15300 against the forecasted 2500, the level of unemployment at 6.6%, against forecasted 6.8%, couldn’t change the situation for CAD. The rapid decline in oil prices was too rapid for the canadian currency.
    The Australian dollar feels against the canadian more confident.
    The market reacted positively to the RBA’s decision to leave interest rates unchanged. Yesterday, AUD was further supported by encouraging new statistics on the economy of China, where the volume of investment in basic capital was 8.9%, which is a very high and shows investor’s confidence in China’s economy, despite the negative aspects, such as data on the trade deficit of China for the first time in 3 years, and decreasing in exports.
    On the AUD/CAD chart, we can’t see the signs for trend reversal. Oscillator MACD is neutral. Stochastics expects a price correction, and offers to open a short deals against the trend. Such deals may be effective upon short-term trading. In addition, the price correction is expected on the oil market, which can support CAD. But upon the medium-term trading it is better in this situation to open the deals to BUY.

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  • #33265

    Superforex is not approved broker I see why?

    • #33583

      Super Forex

      Superforex is not approved broker I see why?

      What do you mean?

  • #33261

    Super Forex

    Technical analysis of the currency pair GBP/USD on 09/03/2017. The daily chart

    General analysis
    Over the past month the currency pair GBP/USD had been sideways movement in the frame of long-term downward movement.
    Right now, here is probability of formation the market turning point and the continuation of the downward movement. At the moment, the price is trading in the range of 1.2130 – 1.2760
    Of course, it would be safer for us to trade after a confirmation about the rebound from the significant level of support at 1.2130. But, unfortunately, not everything goes the way how we want to. The beginning of the continuation of the downward movement most likely already began and we should have time to “jump into the departing train”.
    Current situation on the daily chart
    During the last two trading weeks currency pair GBP/USD has been showing a high volatility and decreased by 410 points. Price reached the local level of support at 1.2130 and right now is located close to it.
    A predictions of the course of events in a next few days
    Long positions on GBP/USD is not relevant at the moment and it is probably going to 1.2000.
    Considering presence of medium-term downtrend we recommend open short after a penetration of support level at a 1.2770 with target points on profit-taking at 1.2050 и 1.2000.

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  • #32932

    Super Forex

    Technical analysis of the currency pair AUD/USD on 02/03/2017. The daily chart
    General analysis
    Currency pair Australian dollar / US dollar over the past few months shows a clear up trend without any significant corrections. Upward movement started from the beginning of 2017 and at present makes 600 points. However, last week the price reached the 0.7700 resistance level which for almost a year make a serious impact on the price movement.

    A large number of times the price bounced back from this level and never being able to overcome.
    At the moment, the price reached to the 0.7700 resistance level ones again and two indicators show a confirmation of a signal to sell at the same time – the Stochastic and moving average (14).

    Stochastic shows a clear divergence for the last few price peaks, which is also a signal to sell short the AUD / USD.
    Also, the price crossed the moving average (14) from top to bottom and successfully entrenched below the line, which also indicates a bearish trend.

    We recommend to open short positions on the currency pair AUD / USD with the target points profit taking at levels 0.7570 and 0.7520.

  • #32827

    Super Forex

    Technical analysis of the currency pair EUR/USD on 28/02/2017. The daily chart
    General analysis
    Since the beginning of February the rate for the currency pair EUR/USD has started to decline and now approached to the support level – 1.0550.
    Level 1.0550 acted as resistance level for the price previously, also the price tested it on both sides and now the price again has approached the level of 1.0550 and the decline has stopped. Last fall to this support was the last week and price successfully strayed up from it.

    This week the price again approached to the level of 1.0550 and the last two daily candle closed as a “doji” thereby forming a bottom.

    Also today we should pay attention to news coming out of the USA, for today we going to see the publishing of the data about the United States GDP, Consumer Confidence rate and the speech of the President Trump. Usually the output of such data has a significant impact on the market movement.

    We recommend expected major news from the USA and if there will not big surprises open the deal to buy after formation of a “double bottom” at the level of 1.0550.

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  • #32585

    Super Forex

    Technical analysis of the currency pair EUR/СHF on 21/02/2017. The daily chart

    General analysis.
    From the moment of opening of the market this week currency EUR/СHF pair is trading without significant volatility and practically without any growth or decline. Right now, the price is located at the same level as it was at opening time on Monday – 1.0665. On the graph, we can see a clear upward movement during the last week without any corrections. At the moment, the price is approaching to the support level on the mark 1.0630 and we have all the reasons to expect a «rebound» from it.
    Traders should attentively follow the market in next few days and after receiving confirmation about the “rebound” from the level opens long deals with a medium volume.
    Stochastic indicator shows the movement of the signal lines in the overbought zone and at the moment we see them crossing of it and the penetration level 20 from the bottom up, that is a signal to buy.
    Next few days
    Today, it is too early to open long since the bottom of the downward movement was not formed yet and there is a high probability of “false breakouts”. But at the same time, it is too late to open long.
    We recommend opening for buy after the bottom formation at the level of 1.0630 with target points of taking profit at the mark 1.0670. Order S/L can be set up by 20-30 points lower than the downward movement bottom.

  • #32508

    Super Forex

    USD/JPY: Technical Overview during Dollar Holiday

    The US dollar rose last Friday against most major currencies ahead of the President’s Day long weekend which would end today, but the Japanese yen was stronger than the dollar, so the pair recorded a new low last week at 112.55.

    The USD/JPY pair is trading now at 113.10 after it declined to the lowest price last week at 112.55 to retest the broken trend line and rose back again. Now the pair is trading between the demand zone at 111.80 and the resistance area at the SMA at 113.32 so we have to wait for the pair break the SMA and close H4 candle above it to buy the pair. The RSI indicator is giving us a buy signal and so does the stochastic indicator.

    The Next Few Days

    Based on this analysis we can buy the pair once it breaks the SMA and trades above it – we should keep our first target around the previous top at 114.70 and the second target at 161.8% Fibonacci from the last down wave from 114.92 to 112.59, so our extension percentage will be at 116.20, unless the pair breaks the trend line again and trades below it, in which case we would sell the pair to 109.40 at the 50% fibo from the uptrend wave which started on September 27.

    We have to keep an eye out for any economic news that may effect the market such as the FOMC meeting next Wednesday and Unemployment Claims on Thursday.

  • #32400

    Super Forex

    Technical analysis of the currency pair AUD/USD on 16/02/2017. The daily chart

    General analysis
    During this week the price of the currency pair AUD/USD has risen slightly more than 130 points and came close to the support level at 0.7700.

    If we consider US dollar in a global market we can note that price for this currency increases in relation to all the main quotes but nevertheless now we see a pause in the growth and soon we expect a correction against the general uptrend.

    Recently the price has already approached several times to the level of support at 0.7700 and all the times it was an insurmountable wall for the currency pair and the price could not break it.

    Comparing the Stochastic indicator chart with price graph we can see a clear divergence which was formed last Friday. Such trading signal on the daily chart and with and rising market it is quite strong signal to sell the US dollar and it cannot be ignored.

    Next few days
    Considering the overall situation in the market for the US dollar, price closeness to a significant support level 0.7700 and the presence of divergence in the graph we have all the signals for the opening of sales for AUD/USD.
    The general trend is still increasing but today there is the most favorable situation to play on the rollback of the price.

    During this week, we are likely to see a decrease to at least 0.7610 or even further to 0.7500.

  • #32291

    Super Forex

    Technical analysis of the currency pair EUR/USD on 14/02/2017. The daily chart

    General analysis.
    The January increase for the currency pair EUR / USD was completed and now we are back into the medium downtrend. From the beginning of February, the price dropped 250 points and is now trading at around 1.0635. The closest support level for the euro will be the support of 1.0550.
    Earlier in early February the price of successful break below the moving average 14 and fixed below the line therefore determining the trend at the moment as the downward.
    Chart of Stochastic indicator also indicates a decrease. Two signal lines are directed down and located in the overbought zone.
    Considering the overall picture for the EUR / USD, we can confidently expect a further decline at least to the support 1.0550 and possibly even lower. The correct decision will be to open short positions down to support 1.0550 and after that make further analysis of the situation in case of breakdown or rebound from this level.
    When you play the short you should pay attention to the volume level. If volumes will continue to grow with an approximation to the level of support level, then most likely we will see a breakdown and a further decline. But if the volume will decrease, the best solution is to take profit and open a new position after making new analysis.

  • #32112

    Super Forex

    [b]AUD/CAD: short review and forecast
    Since the beginning of the year, the Australian dollar began a steady growth, which led to the formation of a new uptrend. it was unexpected by many investors who think the value of the AUD is overvalued, taking into account recession in the Australian economy, in particular the decreasing of the business activity index to 5, and decreasing of the share’s prices of mining companies in Australia. Mainly, the reason for the growth of the Australian currency was the canadian dollar, which during this time did not exert any pressure on the AUD. Canada’s economy is stable, though it doesn’t show some growth. But unstable oil market, the risks for further decreasing in oil prices and the USD rates make pressure on the CAD value.
    Despite worries about overvalued Australian dollar, it looks better enough and keeps growing. This confirmed by the Reserve Bank of Australia, who believes the slowdown in growth is a temporary and expects an improvement in economic indicators. So at the meeting, the RBA left interest rates unchanged, thereby maintaining the currency at a high level. Also, positively impact has had information about the growth of China’s economy and it has good perspectives for increasing export volumes.
    At this time, the oscillators MACD and Stochastics are neutral. The most optimal in this situation is to open the deals on the trend, upon medium-term trading.

  • #32047

    Super Forex

    EUR/USD: Time to Trade & Make a Profit
    This year we are likely going to have a lot of political events in the European Union, which would make the EUR/USD the most highly volatile trading instrument on the market. There are going to be elections in Germany and France, the results of which can have the same economic impact as the results of the Brexit vote or Donald Trump’s presidential victory in the United States. It is expected that the election campaign in Germany and France can only increase the chances of victory of the opposition forces which promise to change radically the political and economic strategy of their countries. One of the presidential candidates in France, Marie Le pen, for example, intends to withdraw the country from the Eurozone and to raise the question about a possible withdrawal from the EU, which are some of the most radical changes at all.
    Regardless of the outcome of the elections, the markets will work in the conditions of political uncertainty and react to all statements by politicians during the election campaign. Additionally, the policies of Donald Trump will only increase the volatility of major currency pairs. This year we can expect with a certainty many trend reversals and many extremely high spikes.
    This process begins now. You can easily make 200-1000% profit now if you act quickly! All you need to do is follow news and the election process, and try to correctly guess the outcome. We would be right there with you, every step of the way with our analyses of major instruments and potential opportunities. Trading on Forex has never been so interesting – make a deposit now to take advantage of the volatility and quickly make a profit!

  • #31579

    Super Forex

    Technical analysis of the currency pair USD / CHF on 31/01/2017. The daily chart
    General analysis
    The price of the currency pair USD / CHF continues to decline and the yesterday tested the support level 0.9950. This fall began in mid-December last year and since then the price has dropped almost 400 points. During the last week price has been approached to the 0.9950 level several times and here again, the price came close to this mark, and closed above the level.

    Earlier 0.9950 level acted as resistance to the price through which the price could not get through for a long time. Now we expect the same effect from a given level only as of the level of support. Therefore, we can expect prices rebound from 0.9950 support.

    Given the fact that the overall trend still is downward and indicator gives us sell signal transactions with the rebound from the level should be opened quite carefully. It is necessary to wait for confirmation of the rebound of at least two candles and only after this to open the transaction for the purchase.

    Next few days
    We recommend to open the transaction on buy after a rebound from 0.9950 support the target points of profit taking will be the moving average line (14) on the daily chart, as well as the level of 1.0060.

  • #31353

    Super Forex

    Daily analysis for the currency pair EUR/GBP on 26.01.2017.

    General analysis

    Currency EUR / GBP pair continued to decline and during this week, has already dropped for almost 200 points. At the moment, the price of the euro declining versus all major quotes and most likely this will continue at least until the end of this month and possibly even further.

    As we predicted earlier the intersection of the price and simple moving average (14) on a daily chart was an excellent signal for sell.

    Even given the fact that now is forming a fairly steep downtrend and there is a high probability of correction, sales EUR / GBP is still promising.

    Schedule Stochastic indicator to be in oversold zone, indicating a clear advantage of the sellers.

    Next few days

    We expect a continued of the decline for EUR / GBP at least until the end of January. Target points of profit taking on sales will be the support level of 0.8300.
    There is a possibility of formation of correction against the downward movement so given this fact, the most favorable is opening of the position after the correction is over.

    By calculating the depth of the correction, we recommend to orient on the Fibonacci correction levels – 23.6%, 38.2%, 50%, 61.8%.

  • #31215

    Super Forex

    Technical analysis of the currency pair EUR/USD on 24/01/2017. The daily chart

    General analysis.
    On the background of the general weakness of the US dollar currency pair EUR / USD continues to rise and now has reached the level of 1.0780. The growth started from the very first days of January and continues until today.

    On Monday 23 January, the price approached the level of resistance at 1.0800. The last time the price was in near the mark is in the middle of December 2016, that time price had been bounced of the resistance 1.0800 which marked the beginning of a serious decline.
    Given the general downtrend for the EUR / USD we can expect a repetition of such a scenario and a second rebound is quite likely to be happened.

    The earlier opened long positions most desirable to close today at the market price.

    Stochastic indicator shows an upward movement and the signals lines is located in overbought zone.
    As a confirmation of such scenario will be the signal of the intersection of the signal lines and exit of the overbought zone from top down.

    Next few days

    We recommend opening the deal to sell with a given currency pair while receiving confirmation of the rebound from the level 1.0800.
    As a confirmation, will be performing a few daily candles closed below this level.

    A targets for the price decrease will be 1.0650 and 1.0600.

    Note: This article is provided in the form of recommendations for trading and SuperForex Company is not responsible for the result of transactions made by you based on this analysis.

    Please be aware that CFD and FX trading on margin carry high levels of risk. Traders should ensure they understand the risks associated with leveraged CFD and FX trading before deciding to trade.

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  • #31025

    Super Forex

    The daily chart of EUR/GBP currency pair 19.01.2017.

    General analysis
    After a substantial decline on Monday 17/01/17 Currency EUR / GBP pair is back in the frame of the price channel 0.8700 – 0.8340 and yesterday’s daily candle closed below this level. Movement on Tuesday was about 170 points and was due to the overall growth of the British currency. The price of the British pound was also increased against all major quotations.

    So far it is difficult to assert unambiguously about the role of level 0.8700 will it be a significant obstacle for the price for the price or not. But in the case of back-testing of it from the inside of the channel and rebound from it traders will be good reason to play on the slide.

    Comparing the Stochastic indicator chart with price graph we can see a clear divergence which was formed last Friday. Such trading signal on the daily chart and with and rising market it is quite strong signal to sell Euro and it cannot be ignored.
    Signal lines of Stochastic indicator has been crossed and demonstrates a clear buy signal.

    [b]Next few days
    [/b]Considering the overall situation in the market for the Euro and price closeness to a significant resistance level at 0.8700 and the presence of divergence in the graph we have all the signals for the opening of sales for EUR/GBP.
    The general trend is still increasing but today there is the most favorable situation to play on the rollback of the price.

    During this week, we are likely to see a decrease to at least 0.8575 or even further to 0.8500.

    We recommend to open sell position on EUR/GBP if the price goes below than 0.8650 with a target points for profit taking at 0.8575. Orders S/L we need to set up at 30-50 points above the enter point.

    This article is provided in the form of recommendations for trading and SuperForex Company is not responsible for the result of transactions made by you based on this analysis.
    Please be aware that CFD and FX trading on margin carry high levels of risk. Traders should ensure they understand the risks associated with leveraged CFD and FX trading before deciding to trade.

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  • #30545

    Super Forex

    Technical analysis of the currency pair EUR / GBP on 10/01/2017. The daily chart

    General analysis
    On Monday 09/01/17 currency pair EUR / GBP continued its grow by forming big rising candle with by 100 points. Also, according to the results of yesterday’s session the resistance level 0.8700 has been broken. Price was able to pass this mark and consolidate above the resistance level.

    We are not expected major news from the Eurozone today so that the news background will be unusually quiet.

    The graph of Stochastic indicator shows the clear upward trend.

    Next few days

    Break of the resistance level 0.8700 and fixing prices above indicates potential buy for
    EUR / GBP.
    However, given the propensity of this currency pair to form false breakouts and the mixed signals from the indicator we can conclude that the opening of sale should be made only after receiving confirmation of the breakdown and fixing of the price above the resistance level at least with two candles.

    The immediate goal to capture profits on above 0.8700 will be the level 0.8900.

  • #30392

    Super Forex

    Analysis on the currency pair EUR/JPY
    Today, all the world is waiting the jobs report from the USA after the Fed raised the interest rate in Dec 2016 for the second time after 12 months from the first one, and it’s expected that this report will effect on all symbols even EURJPY which we’ll analyze today.
    The EURJPY currency pair is trading now around 123.00 key resistance area which is in the middle zone between 38.2 and 50% fibo from the correction wave which started after the Brexit so, it maybe raise to 125 and back to down again the medium term trend but in the short term we’re expecting that will touch the upper limit of the wedge and back again, but the SMA 50’s slope is horizontal that’s mean the pair don’t have the power to resume the movement.
    The RSI and Stochastic indicators still giving us buy signs so we’ll wait for the sell signal to enter the market.
    The Next Few Days
    We can sell the pair when we see it around 123.50 and make our first target at 121.90 and if the pair broke the wedge we have to sell it again to 119.00, but on the other side if it broke it up we can buy it to 125.
    We have to be careful from the Non-Farm report today from the USA at 13:30 GMT Especially when we listened one of the statements from the FOMC minutes on Wednesday was the possibility of unemployment undershooting the level at which the central bank believes it should settle at in the long term.

  • #30337

    Super Forex

    Technical analysis of the currency pair EUR/СHF on 05/01/2017. The daily chart
    General analysis
    During the past two weeks the currency pair EUR / CHF continues to move sideways and has formed maximum at 30.12.16 – 1.0760. However, last trading week closed with a couple of black candlestick with a big body and it is contrary to growth opportunities.
    The first trading days of the current week was held under the auspices of the bulls and now we can see a return to growth.
    Price has not been able to go below support 1.0690 by forming a rebound from this level.
    A few weeks ago the price has already been successfully beat off from support level 1.0690. After obtaining several signals from other tools and indicators we can confidently expect the beginning of growth.
    Next few days
    Currency pair EUR / CHF is already moving sideways for a long time and at the moment we have a lot of reasons to expect the test of the upper boundary of the channel at 1.0790. However, given the resistance level at 1.0750 there is the probability forming of the peak and further decreases to the bottom of support 1.0690.
    After after overcoming of local maximum at 1.0750 we can consider to open a long deals with targert points by 1.0790.

  • #30188

    Super Forex

    USD/SEK – review and short term forecast.
    At the moment, the market a calm due to New year’s holidays. Market activity will be restored after completion of all holidays for at least a week. But by the end of the current week we expect important data from the US about the oil reserves, the unemployment level, which may slightly revive the market.
    On the chart of the USD/SEK we can see that the rates are in the frames of the uptrend, but there are perspectives of a trend change. Since November, has forming a flat trend. The support line has shifted and now it’s in the horizontal position. Also on the chart we can see a trend reversal figure, however, at the moment the preconditions for a trend reversal is not enough. On the one hand, USD has not yet reached its peak and may continue to grow and strengthen in the new year, on the other hand, there are no preconditions for the strengthening of the SEK. The growth course of the Sweden economy has slowed, but the Riksbank decided to leave the refinancing rate unchanged on a very low level.
    Oscillator MACD shows a signal to open buy deals. This is the right decision upon medium-term trading.

  • #30081

    Super Forex

    Technical analysis of the currency pair EUR/USD on 03/01/2017. The daily chart

    General analysis.
    Currency pair EUR / USD continues to move sideways during the whole last week.

    It should be reminded that not so long time ago the price has broken through the major support level 1.0520 and the price successfully fixed below it. Then it was back testing of this support but in time of testing there was a sharp surge in activity therefore the price has risen almost to 1.0670 but then during the same day again fell below the 1.0520 support.
    Considering the overall picture of the graph EUR / USD where we can emphasize a clear downward trend and the presence of such sell signals as: break through the price channel boundaries, back testing of it we can expect that further decline in this currency pair will continue.

    Schedule Stochastic indicator turned inside the neutral zone and demonstrates the downward movement.

    The following points to reduce the EUR will be the levels 1.0200 and 1.0180.
    We recommend opening the deal to sell with the average lots and placing orders S / L above 1.0650.

  • #30016

    Super Forex

    SuperForex Company wishes all traders a Happy New Year!
    The next year, we wish you to have only profit trades. We hope that the spirit of the holiday will bring you closer with your loved ones and fill your heart with kindness.
    Happy Holidays!

  • #29902

    Super Forex

    Crude oil (CL/WTI): review and forecast for the near month

    Oil prices for the last few months were under the influence of the USD rates and events related with OPEC and making of the Agreement on reduction of the crude oil extraction. Implementation of Agreement should begin since January 2017, so the market is awaiting whether the Agreement will be executed by all countries-exporters. Investors remain optimistic for a while and the prices continues increasing. In particular, yesterday the price of oil reached a 17- month high.
    In the near future, the prices can vary, depending on the implementation of the Agreement on reduction of oil extraction. In January, the market will be awaiting information about the volume of oil production, and only toward the end of the month investors will be able to draw certain conclusions. It’s not cost to expect significant price spikes until this moment – probably the rates will be in the frames of the current uptrend. The price can reach the level of 55-56 per barrel for the Light sweet/WTI.
    Oscillators MACD/Stochastics show a signal to open short deals, but at the moment, trading against the trend is not the best decision. It’s be better to open the deals to BUY because there’re no enough preconditions for a trend reversal and the prices have not reached yet the real maximum.

  • #29882
    Jacob Maas
    Jacob Maas

    Please share your expectations for EURUSD and GBPUSD for 2017.

    • #29903

      Super Forex

      We will post EUR/USD 2017 forecast tomorrow

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    Super Forex

    Technical analysis of the currency pair USD / CHF on 27/12/2016. The daily chart

    General analysis
    Over the past seven trading days, the pair USD / CHF is moving sideways after the formation of peak at 1.0340. The price has been approached to resistance level 1.0340 for a third time but was never able to overcome it. Last time the price was in the area of the mark 1.0340 in November 2015 after which began a long sideways movement where we are today.

    The prospect of breaking through the 1.0340 resistance for the pair USD / CHF is large enough.
    We can see it on the fundamental data from America and Europe and by the help of technical analysis on the graph as well.

    Most likely we will see two scenarios of further developments for USD / CHF:

    Scenario #1: Break of 1.0340 resistance and exit from the sideways movement.
    In this scenario, the transaction to buy should be opened after the formation of the confirmation of the breakout with a few candles up.
    The objectives of the profit will be levels 1.0430 and 1.0450.

    Scenario #2: Rebound from 1.0340 and resistance and reduced within the side channel.
    Now the price has suspended its growth near resistance 1.0340 and began to form a correctional movement.
    In case of breaking the support level of 1.0180 the price is likely to continue to decline within channel and when this scenario, the sales will be relevant below the 1.0180 with target points of profit taking at 1.0085 and 09950.

  • #29794

    Super Forex

    GOLD (XAU/USD): Review & Monthly Forecast

    Last month the downward trend on the Gold’s chart intensified strongly. The strengthening of the dollar has brought down the price for Gold. The strong dollar became the most attractive tool for investors, which is why demand for metals didn’t increase significantly. The rates have decreased until the levels from January 2016. At the moment, the value of the Gold is $1130 – $200 less than what it was just two-three months ago.

    Now the drop in the value of Gold has stopped for a week and has kept this level. The incresing demand in Russia, India and China has a positive impact of Gold prices. When the price of the yellow metal is at a low level countries tend to buy it in larger quantities, but this has led to a strong consolidation of prices at the current level. Anyway, it’s not worth it expecting further rapid decreases in the prices as before.

    On the chart we can see that the quotes are in the downtrend which was formed in September, but we can note that the resistance line is strongly shifted to the bottom. Probably in the next few months a flat trend can form, but it is too early to speak about the formation of a new trend. The gold will continue to be under the pressure of the strong U.S dollar, which will remain more attractive for investors in the near future. The price can decrease again. Oscillators appear neutral. Given that there are no prerequisites for the growth of gold prices, the most optimal move is to open short positions on the trend in medium-term trading.

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