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5 Stocks you should Buy now
5 Stocks you should Buy now

Here’s a look at the 5 Stocks you should Buy now, these stocks almost reached all-time highs and have the potential to outperform in 2017.

17 March, AtoZForex – The S&P 500 has gained 11.36 percent in the last 6 months, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average is about to touch 21,000 levels. So how should investors and traders prepare their portfolios for 2017 and beyond?

5 Stocks you should Buy now

Despite the bullish market environment, still, there are high-quality dividend growth stocks available at better prices. These 5 Stocks you should Buy now and should consider holding over the next several years.

#1 UnitedHealth Group Inc (UNH: NYSE)

UnitedHealth shares are up over 37 percent in the last 12 months and yet the momentum remains the same. The share is currently trading at 171.16 dollars per share. The SMA 200 is below the SMA 100 line which signifies that the stock is worth buying for long term growth. Though some of the indicators are showing overbought levels but the stock will give you a profit of 12-15 percent in short-term. My monthly target for this stock is 180-182 levels.


#2 Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co (GT: NASDAQ)

Shares of Goodyear are up over 19 percent year-to-date. The share is about to touch its all-time high of 37.20 in few days. Also, the SMA 200 line is below the SMA 100 lines which signify a great buy for the stock. The EPS and P/E ratio for the stock is 4.76 and 7.67. The stock is currently trading below its resistance points and once it breaks the first resistance it will tough another level of 39.83. My target for this stock is 43-45 for short term period.


#3 AT&T Inc (T: NYSE)

The AT&T Inc stock is fundamentally and technically performing well. The stock touched its all-time high today and have the potential to seek another level soon. The SMA 200 lines are below SMA 100 lines which are a good signal for the stock. The P/E ratio is 20.28 for the stock and is quite higher. My target for this stock is 52-55 levels in short term.


#4 Alphabet Class A (GOOGL: NASDAQ)

Previously, Alphabet Inc. closed at $870.00 in last trading day. After noting the initial trading entry at $870.53, it reached to a day’s high of $872.71 and moved to a day’s low of $867.52. The recent daily volume was 1.1 million as the contrast to it’s an average volume of 1.48 million. Over the last three months, the shares of the company have changed 6.70% and performed 10.06% over the last six months. The stock currently has Monthly Volatility of 0.83% and Weekly Volatility of 0.79%. My monthly target for this stock is 905- 910 points.


#5 Facebook (FB: NASDAQ)

The company’s growth rate is burgeoning. Facebook’s five-year CAGR is around 53%. The company has a plethora of options to monetize its massive user base (over 1.85 billion). Facebook is set to come at par with Google in terms of ads revenue. Moreover, Global digital ads spending is expected to reach $335 billion in 2020. Facebook has about 14% market share in global ads market, while Google has about 46% market share. The SMA 200 line is also below the SMA 100 line which means the stock has the potential to fly higher. Hence, my monthly target for this stock is 145-145 points.


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