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Brexit scandal: Nigel Farage calling EU mafia
Brexit scandal: Nigel Farage calling EU mafia

The guy who has been dreaming about Brexit – Nigel Farage was once again on stage today. Overall today’s Brexit discussions went on cameras  on an expected scandalous style –  Nigel Farage calling EU mafia.

05 April, AtoZForex – Nigel Farage calling EU mafia should not be considered quite as a surprise. At the end he is that dreamer who has been trying everything to break the UK free of the EU. However, he is also known for not watching his language. It is like a  cowboy in the town.

Transcript of Nigel Farage calling EU mafia

The following is the transcript of Nigerl Farage calling EU mafia before being interrupted.

“You showed yourselves with these demands to be vindictive, to be nasty. All I can say is that, Goodness we are leaving!

You are behaving like the “mafia”, you think we are a hostage! We are not, we are free to go!”

Once he used the word – “Mafia” he was immediately interrupted with the following words:

“Sorry Mr. Farage. Listen, I am trying to give you a chance to speak and say everything you want to say. But if you are going to talk about “Mafia”, you are saying this parliament is behaving like the “mafia” that is unacceptable.”

Farage didn’t even let the comments to be over and jumped in his comments further:

“I do understand, Mr. president national sensitivities (commenting back to Italy). I’ll change it to gangsters. Alright? And that is how we are are being treated. We are being given a ransom note.”

Overall speaking, GBPUSD has bounced off the 20 day moving average today at 1.2420 level and appearing to form a bullish price action formation. If my vision is confirmed, I’d be expecting GBP to strengthen in the coming days. Especially we would be looking into bullish entries above 1.2585 level as well as long orders are preferable with the following structure:

GBPUSD – Long at or below 1.2450 level with SL@ 1.2343, TP@ 1.2555, TP2@ 1.2742

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The above given analysis is based on the price action analysis conducted on daily time frame. The bullish opinion is also supported by higher lows, and bullish sloping moving averages.


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