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EURUSD double H&S video analysis - TAKE NOTES
EURUSD double H&S video analysis – TAKE NOTES

We took over 200 pips in profit during the course of the past 24 hours and according to our EURUSD double H&S video analysis we can expect even more.

23 February, AtoZForex – In our EURUSD double H&S video analysis I have looked into EURUSD from Fibonacci and Harmonics (chart patterns)  perspective, defining the opportunities for short and long term. According to the analysis you can find double H&S formation on both daily and hourly time frames. The significance of the 1.0500 level increases with the 88% Fibonacci zone. Thus 1.0500 psychological level becomes a very important support zone.

EURUSD double H&S video analysis

Meanwhile, looking into USDCAD the importance of the Sword candle can be noticed more clearly. Especially, our daily as well as weekly sword candles imply more potential on the bullish side. Click here to see our candlestick analysis video tutorial.

USDJPY meanwhile is moving within its wedge formation. Though, I am in favor of bullish opportunities, the actual analysis reveal opportunity on bullish as well as bearish side. You need to make sure that each breakout level acts like your SL level if you are trading these opportunities.

Gold analysis meanwhile, leaves us with its narrow lane. 1220 – 1245 levels will still act as our supply and demand boundaries.

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