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How to use AtoZ Magic Forex trading strategy
How to use AtoZ Magic Forex trading strategy

Yagub Rahimov’s AtoZ Magic Forex Strategy is easy but often new traders have difficulty to understand. Thus, I wanted to shade light on how to use AtoZ Magic Forex trading strategy in trend following.

AtoZForex – There are a number of Free Forex strategies shared by AtoZ Forex . One of these strategies which is created by Yagub Rahimov caught my attention. Just the name says, AtoZ Magic Forex Strategy is like magic. It is an effective strategy which can generate 30-50 pips almost every day. It is easy to master this trading strategy and if utilized properly, you will able to benefit from it.

AtoZ Forex Note: – This is not a holy grail, it is just a pretty good strategy. Bear in mind that this strategy nor any other complex strategies out there in the market can guarantee success. There is a significant risk of loss in marginal trading. Not to mention, there is simply no holy grail!

AtoZ Magic Forex Strategy

The AtoZ Magic forex strategy is based on the Intraday Market sentiment. To be more precise, the strategy covers the past 3 days and focuses on reversal points with confirmation given by both indicators. Additionally, it includes pivot point indicator and a custom stochastic indicator which is aligned according to Fibonacci sequences. However, I found it interesting that combining a 100 SMA can be useful as well.

This strategy, to my amazement, covers two separate strategies:

  • a Trend trading
  • a Counter-Trend trading strategy

Trend Trading: Currency Pairs – It works best on G10 pairs; Timeframe- H1.

Counter-Trend trading:  Currency Pairs – It works best on G10 pairs; Timeframe- M15.

In this article I have only covered the Trend Trading strategy.

AtoZ Magic forex strategy – Short entry

For a short position the custom stochastic indicator must be above the 50 level. Thus, our entry will be at R1 level with stop loss above, at the R2 level. Meanwhile, target will be below, at the S1 level.

AtoZ Magic Forex strategy

”How to use AtoZ Magic Forex trading strategy short example”

AtoZ Magic strategy – Long entry

Likewise, for a long position the custom stochastic must be below its 20 level. Thus, entry will be at the S1 level with stop loss below, at the S2 level. Meanwhile, the target will be above, at the R1 level.

AtoZ Magic Forex strategy

”How to use AtoZ Magic Forex trading strategy long example”

Alternatively, for this strategy we can place our Pending orders at S2 level and R2 levels accordingly!

Download AtoZ Magic Forex Strategy now. 

If you have any questions about the strategy, let me know in the comments section below.


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